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AVAP Agile Information Systems is an independent IT Program & Project management & HR Solutions Company. Based in India-Bangalore, we work with many household names and global organisations helping them to develop strategies and transform their business. In doing so, we are often at the heart of them achieving their most ambitious goals. We facilitate business excellence by enabling better performance of the clients goal. We help companies sustain themselves in today’s dynamic business environment by enabling them to achieve optimal business performance. Our customized approach support the organizations to deliver the company’s strategic objectives.

Our Expertise

From the very beginning, we have always taken a different approach to consultancy. We work within and as part of our client's leadership teams rather than looking in from the outside. We bring ideas, challenge and experience, tailoring our approach rather than applying the same methodology again and again. We are outcomes-focused, wanting to create lasting legacies through what we deliver and the way that we work

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Our Commitment to Results

We are always prepared to take a hands-on management role to ensure that change is delivered effectively. We take pride in our ability to work as an extension of our clients’ leadership teams, binding together stakeholders to drive cross- organisation activity. Our embedded, collaborative approach enables us to assemble and manage the right team to get the job done, but we always ensure that our clients remain in control, with us providing the balance of support and constructive challenge that enables them to be effective leaders. 

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Designed to put our clients’ interests first

With AVAP Agile there is only ever one agenda, and that is our client's agenda. As an independently owned and financed consultancy with no commercial ties or alliances, we focus solely on delivering our best objective and impartial advice. We don't have sales targets or pay bonuses that would distract us from doing what's right for our clients and we have deliberately managed our growth over the years; growing organically rather than through acquisition, to ensure the values and culture that make us different are retained. 

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In it for the long term

Long term relationships have always been at the heart of our business. Through our commitment to quality, we focus on what really matters – creating strategies and delivering programmes that will leave a lasting legacy. Transformation isn’t a throwaway consultancy term; it means making a tangible, lasting difference for our clients and helping their people to be better prepared for future challenges. 

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