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Doing the right thing for all Our Employees

Our ethos, company setup and social scene allow our people to enjoy themselves, do the best possible client work and develop at pace towards their potential.

Our ethos sits at the heart of the business

Time and energy invested in a vibrant and wide-ranging social scene


We value positive energy, community, rigour, simplicity, respect and challenge. Our warm, open culture of belonging enables our people to fulfil their potential, no matter what their background. We welcome fresh thinking, and diversity of background and perspective.

Deliberately designed and set up to support our values 


We have a simple organisation structure and a flat hierarchy. There are no sales targets, and little internal bureaucracy. The work is often stretching, and our people are encouraged to reach out for help, and to support others in turn. Consultants are highly trusted and have freedom, but partners are close on hand for guidance and support as needed.


Come Work With Us

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This is because it’s great fun - and because it helps us work better together. You can do as much or as little as you want, but there’s always plenty to choose from. We also have lots of work related get - togethers to keep everybody well connected and well informed.

Thoughtfulness and respect for your life outside of work


We know a career in consulting is often challenging and sometimes all-consuming. But we’re focused on getting to smart outcomes rather than hours on the job. We recognise our people have a constantly changing range of life circumstances. Some of our consultants and partners work part-time, and we support flexible working arrangements when they can be squared with our clients' needs.

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